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Salter Rex are well established chartered surveyors with our reputation built on the highest standards of professional and personal service.

Chartered Surveyors In North West London with Salter Rex


With over 167 years experience as a firm you can rely on Salter Rex to provide the knowledge and experience you expect.

Chartered Surveyors In North West London with Salter Rex


We aim to be a trusted partner for all our clients and their businesses. Our experienced team go the extra mile when required


Chartered Surveyors In North West London with Salter Rex


We are one of the most knowledgeable and experienced surveyors in London offering a personal service to all our clients.

Surveying Services

We offer a comprehensive range of surveying services, as detailed below. Contact us today to find out more.

Party Wall Advice

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 makes provisions for dealing with works that are likely to affect a Party Wall (shared wall with neighbour). The act has been extended to include excavations within a close proximity to neighbouring structures. The act is intended to enable works to proceed reasonably and considerately.
The Act exists to protect both the building and adjoining owners and should be considered if any of the following works are being undertaken and if there are adjoining or neighbouring properties in close vicinity to the proposal:
• Loft conversions
• Extensions
• Re-roofing
• Underpinning
• Injecting a damp proof course into a shared wall/tanking
• Installing a concrete lintel, steel beam into a shared wall
• Alterations and internal refurbishment to adjoining structures
If you or your neighbours are proposing any of the above works please contact us, free of charge, to discuss the Party wall Act and how it may affect you. We have experience and expertise in a diverse range of Party Wall issues.
If you are carrying out building works, as highlighted above:
• We can help identify exactly which neighbouring properties fall within the scope of the Party wall etc Act 1996
• We can serve Party Wall Notices on your behalf
• We can prepare and agree a Party Wall Award/Agreement
• We will produce a Schedule of Condition of neighbouring properties to ensure you are not held responsible for pre-existing defects.
If your neighbour is carrying out building works, as highlighted above:
• We will advise you of your rights under the Party Wall Act
• Ensure measures have been taken to minimise the risk of damage to your property
• Identify any damage to your property
• Under the Act the building owner is usually required to pay the costs.

Major Works

Where major works are required to a residential block, building or complex and the total cost to any one leaseholder is over £250.00 the Landlord is required to fulfil the statutory consultation requirements of the Landlord and Tenant Acts. We can assist this process by:

• Notifying the lessees of the freeholders intention to carry out works (Stage 1 Notice).
• Preparing a Specification of Works
• Inviting competitive tenders from contractors on our approved list or recommended by lessees providing they satisfy certain criteria.
• Analysing Tenders.
• Reporting tenders to all leaseholders (Stage 2 Notices) with recommendations.
• Leaseholder Liaison as necessary.
• Project Managing / Supervising the works on site.

Project Management

The project management of building works is a complex web of regulations, tender processes, contracted agreements, management of concurrent contracts and above all, cost efficiency and quality control.

Successful project management is about saving clients’ money. We have a list of approved contractors and a detailed understanding of the tendering process and appreciate the complexities of construction design and management (CDM Regulations 2007). We efficiently manage multiple sub-contractors onsite and recognise that it is crucial to deliver completed projects on time and within budget.

The appointment of a project manager should be the clients’ first action, providing advice in respect of the procurement of the works and ensuring that all stages of the project are managed from feasibility through to completion.

Salter Rex offers the following service:

• Agree client brief
• Advise on programme, procurement, appointment of consultants
• Establish project budget
• Develop project programme
• Prepare drawing and specifications as required, depending on project
• Planning and building regulations approval
• Tendering and contractor appointment
• Management of construction phase including the appointment of a CDM co-ordinator
• Quality control through construction
• Financial control and contract administration
• Commissioning completion and handover
• Managing the defects liability periods

Our fees for project management are usually charged as a percentage of the cost of works; the rate depending upon the size of the project.

Building Surveys for Assessing Building Defects

Cracking, damp patches, mould growth, springy floors – building defects manifest themselves in many ways. Most buildings will display evidence of defects at some time or another, especially in older properties; but only a trained eye can assess the potential causes and likely implications with a degree of certainty. Left unattended, some innocent looking defects can have more serious and potentially expensive underlying problems.

A Building Defects Survey provides advice on specific building elements (roof, walls or floors) or on a particular defect, such as subsidence, damp or timber defects. The survey can be tailored to address specific concerns or can provide an overall condition of a building / site; and is often used as a precursor to developing a planned maintenance schedule.

The Survey contains technical information on the construction and structure of the property. Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors are skilled in assessing and diagnosing building defects. We can identify defects and comment on their significance, as well as assess the potential of future problems occurring and provide recommendations for remedial or preventative works. Our surveys are of necessity non-intrusive; therefore where the extent of a defect cannot be determined or seen, our report may suggest that further investigation works or exploratory works are required.

Where our investigations show remedial works are required we are also able to prepare a specification of works and arrange for the repairs to be undertaken by an Approved Contractor.

Planned Maintenance Schedules

Planned maintenance is a proactive approach to looking after your premises. Rather than just reacting to problems as they occur, planned maintenance will help keep your premises in good order, ensure you satisfy legal obligations, preserve the value of your property and minimise expensive breakdowns and repairs.  It will enable better financial planning and minimise the cost of emergency maintenance and call out fees (reduced waste).

As part of the maintenance schedule, we are able to assess the condition of the building, identify what repairs are required and work with you to draw up a prioritised schedule.

If you have a lease we will review it to understand the repairing responsibilities you have retained so that there should not be a nasty shock at the end of the term. We will consider all elements of the building – the roof, the exterior walls, drains, doors, windows and building services such as heating and lighting systems.

We will also be able to provide you with approximate estimates for the cost of required works, as part of the planned maintenance schedule. Your maintenance costs will entirely depend on the type and condition of your building, but will fall into three types:

1.    Urgent / Emergency Works – identifying health and safety items which require urgent attention
2.    Regular Maintenance – this includes all maintenance needed to ensure you meet statutory requirements; for example contracts for fire    alarm testing and communal boiler maintenance.
3.    Improvements and major works – cyclical repairs and redecorations / roof renewal

If you can keep track of your costs in this way you can see where your biggest spends are and then look to reduce them where possible.

How you plan your maintenance will affect your budgeting. For example you might plan ahead by putting money into a sinking fund.

Where the building is tenanted, you will need to refer to your maintenance budget when setting and administering service charges. It is vital that you keep detailed records of your spending so that you can manage service charges effectively; and this is where Salter Rex can help.

Landlords Consent - (License for Alterations)

Under the terms of most leases it is necessary for leaseholders to obtain Landlords Consent when undertaking certain works, in the form of a Licence for Alterations. The freeholder/freehold company is responsible for protecting the structural integrity of a building if a leaseholder is proposing any of the following works, depending on what the lease says:

• If the proposed works will change the external appearance of the building (changing the style or materials of any windows/doors, installing new windows etc)
• Removing or opening up any external, internal or partition wall
• Extending the property
• Adding or changing the location of a kitchen or bathroom
• Changing the internal layout of a flat and/or creating an additional habitable room
• Any modifications to a communal service, such as removing or adding a radiator connected to a communal heating system
• Laying hard floor coverings

Under such circumstances the advice and input from an experienced surveyor is essential in drafting the terms of a licence.

Reinstatement Valuations/Insurance Valuations

In the event of a claim, the amount paid out by Insurance Companies will usually depend on the building being adequately insured at the time of the incident. So it is extremely important to get, and maintain, adequate cover; and yet, there are still property owners who hazard a guess, or confuse reinstatement valuation with market value. The market value of your property has no direct relationship to the rebuilding cost of your building.

There are many choices a property owner can make in the selection of a buildings insurance policy but they all rely on one essential premise; that the building reinstatement cost has been accurately assessed. It is the first thing an underwriter will ask for and if the assessment cannot be provided you will be advised to commission a professional valuation before an insurance quotation can be provided.

The sum insured under a buildings insurance policy must be the full rebuilding cost of the property. The sum insured is the amount of money for which your property is covered. It is the most your insurers will pay under any circumstances. You must calculate an adequate sum insured to avoid claim payments being reduced because of under-insurance and is your responsibility to get the sum insured right.

A Rebuilding Cost Assessment will normally be carried out by taking detailed measurements of the property and using the rebuilding cost information provided by BCIS. However, this may not be appropriate in certain circumstances where the method of Rebuilding Cost Assessment will need to be specially determined. At Salter Rex, we prepare professional Valuations / Rebuilding Cost Assessments for insurance purposes and we have direct access to Rebuilding Costs information under the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

We have many years of experience in providing reinstatement cost assessments for insurance purposes, of buildings of all types. We provide annual reviews for many clients, both via index linking to allow for inflation, and periodic re-assessments to cater for variations in building costs in different sectors of the construction industry.

We are happy to provide advice as to Insurance Valuations in respect of both residential and commercial properties.

Planning Applications & Building Regulations

Obtaining Planning Permission

Planning permission is generally required for many new building projects, significant alterations to commercial premises or changing the type of business carried out at your commercial premises. Internal alterations and small external changes (such as putting up a low fence) do not normally require planning consent, though there are more stringent rules for listed buildings and in conservation areas.

If you are unsure whether you need planning approval, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To apply for planning permission, you will have to send a planning application form, along with elevation and floor plans (and possibly a Design and Access Statement); as well as a fee to your local authority. We can assist you in this process, by advising you and preparing all necessary documentation on your behalf.  The planning application will be considered against local planning policies and any objections received from the public.

Planning approval may be granted outright, conditions may be applied (such as restricting the hours of use of business premises) or a planning application may be rejected. You can negotiate minor objections, submit a new application taking into account concerns raised by the local authority or appeal a decision that goes against you.

Carrying out a building project without planning permission can be disastrous. Although you may be able to apply for retrospective planning approval, you could face refusal and a requirement to demolish unapproved premises or cease activities that are not permitted.

Obtaining Building Regulations Approval

If you are considering constructing a new building, extension or undertaking alterations, Building Control is the Council service that will assist you with your responsibility to comply with building regulations.

You can get informal advice from your local authority on whether building control approval is required for your development. If it is, we can assist you in making an application and will advise you on the fee payable for the proposed works.  The local authority can approve, reject or impose conditions on the project. In addition, the building works will be regularly visited by an inspector to ensure that they are properly carried out. We use a firm of Approved Inspectors, rather than the Council, in order to minimise costs and improve efficiency.

As with planning permission, going ahead without building approval can be very risky. You could face an order to demolish unsafe alterations or experience problems selling the premises, for example.

Obtaining building regulation approval is a legal requirement, which is separate from planning permission. Both seek to produce similar outcomes with respect to the quality of building work, however they are two different types of approval. You will be required to produce copies of approvals if you are selling a property. Salter Rex can assist in the process of obtaining planning permission and building regulations approval.


Particularly applies to Commercial Properties. Usually relevant towards the end of a lease, and whether you are a Landlord or a Leaseholder you will probably need the services and advice of an experienced surveyor to prepare and/or negotiate. He or she will assess whether or not the leaseholder has fulfilled its obligations under the lease and calculate any loss suffered by the Landlord. The leaseholder will either carry out works to remedy any breach or be asked to pay compensation in lieu thereof.

We have that experience having dealt with hundreds of such cases and have provided advice to landlords, lessees and lawyers where necessary and have negotiated settlements to the satisfaction of the parties concerned.

Expert Witness

Property Law is complex but more than that certain areas such as disputes over building works and property valuation requires the services of a specialist or Expert Witness. The legal team and the Courts will rely on those experts and this can often result in settlements being reached without having to involve the expense of a hearing. Even if this cannot be achieved then the Courts will depend heavily on well prepared and presented expert evidence.

We can provide that support and, if necessary, provide reports, proofs of evidence in compliance with CPR35. Together with presenting evidence at planning enquiries, tribunals and at court as required.

RICS Homebuyer Survey

Salter Rex holds copyright licence agreement from the RICS to produce RICS Homebuyer Reports. We provide such reports for flats and houses within the M25. If you are considering purchasing a flat or house we would strongly recommend not just to rely on a mortgage valuation but have a comprehensive home buyer report which can be personally tailor made to suit your needs and answer any concerns you may have with regard to extensions, conversions or opening up areas to facilitate modern open plan living.

This survey examines the structural elements of the building from drains right up through your home to the roof and chimney giving you a comprehensive report on such defects including dampness structural stability, defective timbers, highlighting these within a traffic light signalling process. These indicate urgent repairs, significant matters requiring further investigation, significant repairs and renewals and other relevant considerations you should be made aware of when purchasing your new home.

In addition to these issues we will also consider the legal situation with regard to access, rights of way or any other concerns we would wish to bring to your solicitors attention to ensure that they carry out full due diligence on your behalf as we are effectively their eyes and ears when carrying out the survey and would identify any issues we would expect them to investigate more thoroughly than usual.

Within the Homebuyers survey we will provide you with a market value together with a reinstatement cost for rebuilding purposes and these are all valuable tools for you to use to possibly renegotiate your purchase price, obtain estimates for works prior to your purchase or to put your mind at ease that you are purchasing a sound property at the correct price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further detailed information on the RICS Homebuyer Report.

Capital Gain Tax Valuations

As Chartered Surveyors we are able to provide you with a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax Valuation of your residential or commercial properties which you have recently sold or where you still own the building or an interest in the building or land and you have become liable to pay Capital Gains Tax on any profit you have made since its initial acquisition or since March 1982 if you have owned the property prior to that date.

Salter Rex Chartered Surveyors specialise in providing retrospective valuations as at 1982 issuing your accountant with reports to calculate any Capital Gains Tax liability. We hold substantial records of transactions back in 1982 to assist us in producing such reports and valuations.

We have for many years negotiated with HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of clients to secure agreements for Capital Gains Tax valuation liabilities and staff have previously worked for the valuation office and have an in-depth knowledge of the expertise required to achieve the best results for you.

If you require any further information with regard to possible Capital Gains Tax liabilities or quotes for such valuations, then please do not hesitate to contact our professional valuation department based in our Head Office at Kentish Town.

Inheritance Tax/Probate Valuations

As an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors established in 1854 Salter Rex boast a wealth of experience and knowledge from its professional and fully qualified Chartered Surveyors.

Having sold and purchased properties for clients over many years we have carried out valuations in the North West and mainly North London areas during this period, we are able to use this expertise to provide you with Inheritance Tax valuations, or Probate valuations for the present day or retrospectively as required.

Our professional team have expertise in negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs to agree such valuations and members of staff have worked for the Valuations Office/HM Revenue & Customs previously and therefore are fully experienced in the procedures necessary to secure the best results for you and your clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Professional Valuation team to request a quote or to ask for any further information regarding such matters.

Private Bespoke Valuations

Many of our clients require valuations to meet their specific needs and at Salter Rex Chartered Surveyors we are able to provide bespoke valuations of Land, Sites, Development Appraisals, Company Accounts, Valuations in respect of residential and commercial properties.

If you want a specialised valuation to meet your requirements then why not speak to a Partner or Associate who will be able to discuss your particular circumstances and advise you on the best approach to meet your specific needs.

All valuations are carried out in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Appraisal and Valuation manuals (the red book) by fully qualified Chartered Surveyors who are also Registered Valuers.

With the complexities of the property market in today’s fast moving world, do not take the risk of obtaining inaccurate advise, speak to one of our qualified team who will be more than happy to assist as required.

Rent Reviews/Lease Renewals

If you are a tenant or a landlord you will at some stage require assistance with either a rent review or a lease renewal of your commercial premises.

At Salter Rex Chartered Surveyors we act for many landlords and tenant/clients in respect of their rent reviews and lease renewals.

If your premises are a small shop, substantial office or thriving commercial industrial premises, we have the expertise to provide you with initial appraisals of your pending review or lease renewal and are able to provide you with advise throughout the process in line with your solicitors where required for renewals within the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 regulations.

Our qualified Chartered Surveyors will act on your behalf in respect of securing the new rent on agreeable terms for lease renewal or achieving the best results for you at rent review based on the terms of your lease. In most circumstances we are able to negotiate an amicable settlement but in certain cases where this is not feasible we have the experience and expertise to represent you at a third party settlement, be that arbitration, independent expert or at court to ensure that you secure the best possible outcome.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Chartered Surveyors to discuss your commercial Rent Review or Lease Renewal requirements.

Banking & Building Society Valuations

Salter Rex Chartered Surveyors have a team of property valuers who are also RICS valuer registration scheme accredited to provide red book valuations (RICS appraisal and valuation manual) for all aspects of valuation, which includes secure lending to Banks and Building Societies and other financial institutions.

Salter Rex has a long history of providing such valuations on residential and commercial buildings with each of their reports beings specific to the relevant lending institution involved.

We are panel valuers providing mortgage valuations, home buyers reports and where necessary building surveys for many high street lenders and generally conduct such valuation business within the the M25 catchment area.

Having been established as chartered surveyors for many years we have a renowned reputation for expertise within our field and are able to provide you and your financial teams with a comprehensive valuation service.

If you require a new valuer to be added to your panel of valuers please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your requirements and prepare bespoke reports to meet your needs.

We hold professional indemnity insurance as a guarantee to our valuations which is available upon request.

We look forward to speaking to you regarding your valuation requirements or that of your lenders.

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